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What is tablescaping or a tablesape?

To some, tablescaping or tablescapes is a relatively new term and to others it has been known for nearly 20 years.  According to Wikipedia tablescaping is a portmanteau (a blend of two words) of table and landscaping, created by television chef Sandra Lee in 2003. Tablescaping concept has been around forever though, we have just been used to using the term table setting. And tablescaping means so much more. It is a an artful, creative, and decorative way in dressing and styling a table for a meal or an event by using a theme to style around it. From my passion of organising events, styling photoshoots and a love to entertain came the idea of Hostaro Tableware. The idea was...

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Seven ways how to place cutlery after dinner

Dining in restaurants and at home is thankfully back, I'm delighted to say. I thought it would be fun to show you different ways on how leave your knife and fork during your meal.  Some ways are really a really nice touch to add and it would be nice to show your appreciation to your host / server.  Using a one course setting, we start off with your knife and fork at each side of the plate showing that you are ready to start.  If you're like me I talk a lot and pause during my meal. This way shows your host or server that you are still eating.    The next photo shows how you can tell your host...

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Seven tablescaping tips for the perfect summer tablescape

Summer has begun, al fresco entertaining is in full swing (in limited numbers) and we are beginning to be able entertain indoors (following regulations). Excuse all the caveats! I’ve put together 7 of my top summer tablescaping tips on how to style the perfect tablescape. 1. Theme Firstly, decide on the type of event you’ll be holding and plan ahead; Is it formal, informal, garden style, party, festive etc. This will help you decide on the look and theme of your tablescape. Let's think of a summer theme, I love the above image from our Herbariae Collection as it has such a summer vibe to it, perfect for both indoors and outdoors.  2. Choose your dinnerware and glassware I tend to choose...

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Create your own Constellation Tablescape at home

Love blue and gold? You will love this tablescape.  We built this tablescape around the Constellation Dinner set . It's beautiful design showcases stunning dark blue stars on each plate as though it's a star filled sky. Each star has a touch of gold and has a gold rim on the outside and inside of each plate. We opted for a cobalt blue charger plate with a beautiful gold outer and inner rim, they really allow the plates pop off the table. We sourced this stunning cotton sateen constellation tablecloth, which tells a story of ancient Greek legends with a map of the stars. What a talking piece to have at the dinner table! To keep to the theme of blues...

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Table stylist from Dublin, launches an online tableware store creating tablescapes and selling those looks online in time for Christmas.

November, 2020:  Founded by tableware stylist Samantha Ashe, Hostaro Tableware is a new Irish online store.  Located at hostarotableware.com, the new online store styles stunning tablescapes and sells those pieces online, allowing customers to recreate that look in their own home.   The pieces featured in each table setting are carefully curated from stylish brands sourced throughout Europe, to bring attainable, luxurious, and on-trend pieces to Irish tables.  These pieces will be sold in seasonal collections, so that the customer can build on their own collection over time.  #Tablescapes – or styled table settings - have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with the recent pandemic the Irish have started to entertain more at home.  Hostaro will start...

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