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A meal for two

A meal for two

Good morning and happy Friday,

I know that with the latest restrictions it's been difficult for us all. But we are feeling positive here at Hostaro Tableware. We are all in this together and hopefully we will get to enjoy Christmas with our families and loved ones.  With the current situation I thought we'd bring some ideas to the table (so to speak!) on how to make an evening special and more interesting with your loved ones / household members. 

Samantha holding the large red wine glass and marble board

I'm a vegetarian, I've always been since I was very young. I don't mind cooking it or having it in front of me. In fact, I cook it all the time for my family. What I love to do on a Saturday night is prepare a grazing table / anti pasto for my family. The kids love it as they will select their favourite foods and my husband and I can enjoy a glass of wine and a beer (for my husband) together. We stay at the kitchen table for the night and have great conversations. 

They're so easy to prepare and you can get really creative with them and express your inner food stylist. And once they're laid on the table, that's your job done. Just relax and enjoy the evening.

Marble and Mango wood serving boards

I had this type of meal in mind when I was choosing serveware for my customers and found some beautiful serving boards. which included marble and mango wood boards. The weight of the boards oozes quality and authenticity, they come in two different shapes; round and rectangle. The rectangle version comes in a small and a large size. I also chose stunning paddle boards from Caufield Country Boards which are handmade in Ireland. I chose the walnut paddle boards, and these come in different sizes too (small, medium and large). I also chose their paddle board with the Irish Deer etched into the board. It's really a masterpiece to show in your home and of course so versatile. 

 Caufield Country Boards

Have a fabulous weekend. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Best wishes

Samantha x

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