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Introducing Hostaro Tableware

Introducing Hostaro Tableware

Welcome to Hostaro Tabelware's first blog post. This has been an incredible journey for me to launch Hostaro Tableware.  In this Blog I'm going to explain who Hostaro Tableware is and what you can expect from Samantha, founder and stylist behind the brand. 

My name is Samantha, from Dublin. I'm married with two young boys who I adore. My background is marketing and events. And in my personal time I love to entertain, create stunning table settings and wow my guests!  This is really where Hostaro began!

The last few months have been really tough for all of us with Covid-19. I was working as a marketing consultant and it was very quiet (of course). I've never had the time to work on ideas that I had. And now I did, so I started to work on Hostaro!

The idea about Hostaro is, is that each season I will style a table setting using colours from latest trends and bringing new stunning pieces to the collection. I was conscious using the word "season" because the pieces I will be curating will be part of a collection and not for one season. These pieces will be used for its lifetime. 

Table dressing has become a big trend in peoples homes. And especially since the pandemic, when we were able to start having friends and families over in our homes. I strongly feel that we will be entertaining more at home in the future. The term tablescaping has become really popular, which is what Hostaro is all about - styling dining tables in an artistic way.  I want my customers to feel confident in dressing their table and wowing their guests in their own home. Any item you see on my table settings you will be able to purchase from www.hostarotableware.com and recreate that look. 

Thanks for joining me on my journey from the beginning. I'm so grateful and excited for the future. 

Stay safe and well. 

Best wishes

Sam xoxo 


Best of luck Sam. We love the wine glasses we got from your collection! Definitely will be getting more! X

Good Luck Sam, a terrific new venture, stunning collection, Rosemarie

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