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My top tips for styling your Christmas tablescape

My top tips for styling your Christmas tablescape

Whether your hosting your meal on Christmas Day or at some stage before Christmas these tips are the tips I'll be using this Christmas. 

This Christmas I'll be entertaining at home with my family including my parents. I'll serve lunch at 3pm which will go on for a couple of hours of course! My aim is for everyone to enjoy themselves and that I can join in on the fun too and be present. 

I'm a big planner and a fan of writing lists, without them I don't think I'd be as efficient!  My advice would be to start writing a list now for what you need to do:

-  Plan out your meal, how many courses, write your shopping list. 

-  Two days before (or when works for you) make sure all glasses are cleaned (ie no water marks). And check your dinnerware. 

- The day before, purchase your flowers for your centrepiece. Get the house ready so you're not rushed cleaning on the morning. 

- Plan your tablescape (this is when the fun starts!) 

1. Choose a theme and stick to it. The theme you choose will give you direction on how to style your tablescape. Go big, it's Christmas! You can find some ideas at hostarotableware.com under tablescapes button. 

2. When choosing your theme make sure your dinnerware compliments your theme. If you're on the look out for special dinnerware that will go with your theme you still have time to purchase from Hostaro. Purchase before 22nd December.  Either 16 piece dinner set white with gold rim | Ballet OB | Hostaro Tableware or Infinity Gold Dinner set | Hostaro Tableware works wonderfully with so many different themes. 

3. Choose your glassware. If you are going with a 3 course meal and you will be changing wines, you may want to include both red and white wine glasses at the table. If you are restricted on space, you can put just the one wine glass which would work for both red and white like our popular Red & white. wine crystal glass set of 6 | Hostaro Tableware. I generally like to play with the water glasses by adding a pop of colour and adding one of our coloured water goblets.

4. Check your cutlery to make sure you have enough for the amount of people you will be having. If you don't have enough cutlery for 3 courses, that's fine. You can either tell everyone to hold onto their cutlery or serve a buffet style meal with their cutlery on the buffet serving area too. Try and make it easy for your guests and for you, you don't want to be cleaning things after each course. 

5. Add layers and textures to create a different dimension to the table. Have you decided on your table linen? Would you like a full tablecloth or a table runner? And of course your napkins. These are not only practical for your guests but add depth to the table. Placemat of charger plate? Or both! Placemats are hugely popular and work wonderfully with any table setting. I do love using a charger plate for more special occasions. Here are a few options that you can still buy in time for Christmas if you purchase before 22nd December for delivery in Ireland.

Toile de jouy red cotton tablecloth 150x250 – Hostaro Tableware

Toile de jouy red cotton napkins set of 4 – Hostaro Tableware

Toile de jouy blue cotton tablecloth 150x250 – Hostaro Tableware

Toile de jouy blue cotton napkins set of 4 – Hostaro Tableware

French linen napkin (pack of 6) Dark Green | Hostaro Tableware

French linen table runner | Hostaro Tableware

Gold placemats in floral round shape set of 6 | Hostaro Tableware

5. Lighting, this is so important to set the ambiance and atmosphere of your event. I love to layer the table with candles including candle stick holders with tapered candles and votives / tea lights to give different heights throughout the table. Plus they add a lovely style to the table..

7. Centrepiece, when choosing your centrepiece or flowers thinking about the space you have on the centre of your table. If you don't have a large table you don't want to take away any needed space on the table. Also, think about height, you want to see your guests. Lastly, when choosing your flowers try and stick to the theme you've chosen so it ties in with the full tablescape.

8. Now for the finishing touches for your Christmas tablescape. We have some lovely Christmas decor that you can choose from. But also, if you'd like you can add pine cones and baubles to your tablescape to add that festive style, I find bows are lovely too. 

Finally for the big day. Write out your list on what to do for the day, write out your timings and when to make the courses. If you can plan in advance of the day and can prepare and freeze until the big day, even better. On the day dress your table first (or as early as you can), you don't want to leave it last as you may be rushed.  Then get ready, so you don't have to worry about you again. 

Once you have your table dressed, your family and the ambiance done you can get into the cooking and serve your wonderful meal. 

Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy the day and the break. Thank you for all your support this year, you've all been wonderful.

Best wishes

Sam xx


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