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Northern Star Christmas Tablescape Collection

Northern Star Christmas Tablescape Collection

Here is our stunning Northern Star  Tablescape. You can purchase a tablescape for 4 people or purchase per table setting or purchase each individual item.

The name is inspired by the beautiful dinner set I've chosen from our Constellation D'Or collection which are plates with beautiful blue stars with gold surrounding each one. 

The blue works so well with the golds and the whites as well as the earthy tones of the green foliage. 

Recreate this entire look in your own home., by purchasing the entire collection to sit 4 people.  You can find the full details of each product under the Northern Star Tablescape Collection.

Purchase Complete Northern Star Christmas Tablescape for 4 people 

Northern Star Tablescape Collection Hostaro Tableware

This complete look for 4 people that includes: 

4 x cobalt blue charger plates

4 x Dinner plates, 4 x Dessert / Salad plates, , 4 x Bread & Butter plates

4 x Red Wine glasses, 4 x White Wine Crystal Glasses, 4 x blue water goblets

4 x Table forks, 4 x Table knives, 4 x Starter forks, 4 x Starter knives, 4 x Dessert spoons

4 x Toile de Jouy blue napkins

1 x Toile de Jouy blue tablecloth 150x150

2 x Tall  Candle stick holders 

2 x gold cone Christmas tree ornaments. 

2 x blue tea lights with gold rim

2 x Artichokes

You can purchase: Northern Star Christmas Table setting for 1 person

Northern Star Hostaro Tableware

Style and build on your own table by selecting the amount of table settings you would like to re create in your own home.  Each table setting comes with: 

1 x cobalt blue charger plate, 1 x Dinner plate, 1 x Dessert / Salad plate, , 1 x Bread & Butter plate, 1 x Red Wine glass, 1 x White Wine Crystal Glass, 1 x blue water goblet, 1 x Table forks, 1 x Table knives, 1 x Starter forks, 1 x Starter knives, 1 x Dessert spoons, 1 x Toile de Jouy blue napkins

Or purchase the products that you desire. You can click on any of the links below to create your own tablescape. 

Blue charger plate with gold x 2 We adore this stunning charger plate. With a beautiful cobalt blue large rim and a delicate gold around the edges. These premium charger plates really finish off a table. They are a good size which allows your dinner set to pop off these stunning plates.  These charger plates we believe are a good investment piece. These charger plates come as a set of 2 , allowing you to build on your quantities over time. 

Hostaro Tableware - Constellation D'Or Dinner setThis luxurious dinner set from the Constellation D'Or range is made from porcelain with hand painted gold applied to each plate. The application of gold in pieces, defining various textures, was used in the porcelain of Sèvres in the late 18th century. Known as “pointillé d’or” or “sablé d’or” (or even “partridge eye”), these motifs mixed golden dots with shades of blue fire, forming small circles. The Constellation d’Or service recreates these geometric patterns and modernizes them, keeping the same decorative technique. On the backdrop of white heavens embossed with gold, the blue-gold constellations’ shines forth.

Toile de jouy blue cotton tablecloth. This beautiful cotton tablecloth printed with the French toile de jouy design in blue which means fabric of jouy. The print is of country life in France and makes of country life and of French people. This type of print has been around since the 18th century. 


Toile de jouy blue cotton napkins set of 4 – Hostaro Tableware: This beautiful cotton napkin printed with the French toile de jouy design in blue which means fabric of jouy. This is the matching napkin to the Toile de jouy blue cotton tablecloth.


Tall Gold candle holders Sold as a set of 2, these gold candle holders are the perfect addition to any dining, coffee or side table. Complete the candle with candle sticks to the colour of your choice. Crafted out of metal for a more modern or rustic setting.

Red & white wine crystal glass set of 6 This sophisticated set of 6 Chianti red wine glasses from the Marvellous range are made from lead free crystal.  The crystal is sparkling and clear so you can appreciate and enjoy the real colour of your wine. Perfect to act as a red or white wine glass, or both!

 White wine crystal glass set of 6 This sophisticated set of 6 Chardonnay white wine glasses from the Marvellous range are made from lead free crystal.  You can pair this set with either the Cabernet/Merlot set or the Shiraz crystal glass set as it would be the next larger size.

Blue Water goblets set of 4 :  This colourful set of water glasses will add a pop of colour to your table. Use them as water goblets or a drink of your choice!

28 piece gold cutlery gift set  This stunning fine 28 piece gold cutlery gift box set really is a showstopper. Made by WMF in Germany and supplied to hotels and catering companies globally. This  is why Hostaro Tableware has chosen this gold cutlery set for our customers. So we can stand over this gift set and be proud to sell it.

Gold cone tree decoration This fabulous gold ornamental gold tree is 25cm in height and is perfect addition to your tablescape, your hall table, side table, coffee table or mantlepiece. It's so versatile.  It's so unusual and you will find it hard to find anywhere else. It coms as a lovely gift too. 

Table decoration | Metallic Artichoke | silver/champagne: This stunning artichoke accessory is a beautiful addition to your tablescape, coffee table, console table or shelf.  Because of the silver and champagne paint it really fits in beautifully with gold or silver. It sits on small centre stem giving it a bit more height.

Blue tealight with gold rim set of 2 : This beautiful blue tea light set of 2 is a beautiful addition to your collection.  They're 7cm in height and includes a white tealight in each. Each tea light is finished off with a gold rim.