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Auratus OB Dinnerware Dinner Plate Hostaro Tableware
Auratus OB dinnerware Hostaro Tableware
Auratus OB dinnerware dessert plate Hostaro Tableware
Auratus OB Dinnerware Soup Plate Hostaro Tableware
Auratus OB Dinnerware Bread and butter  Plate

16 piece dinner set Auratus OB white with large gold rim

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receive Spring 2022

This stunning collection is certainly a statement for your tablescape. Each piece is hand-painted by brush giving a matt and shiny finish. Each piece of this collection is unique with a beautiful contrast between that powerful gold and the bright white porcelain. Also available in Platinum. 

Care instructions

This collection is not dishwasher safe and hand wash only due to the hand-painted gold rim. When you store away try not to slide other objects / plates over it as this can cause damage. Pieces decorated with gold or platinum should never be used in the microwave.

There is a Pro alternative to this collection which would have a higher price but is dishwasher proof. Please contact samantha@hostarotableware.com to enquire. 


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