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16 piece dinner set Sunstone Gold


This stunning 16 piece dinner set is decorated with fine gold lines, resulting in a reflective geometric pattern and creating an optical illusion. Sunstone features a kaleidoscopic pattern applied in gold over each piece. You can also order other pieces of this collection by contact Samantha directly - samantha@hostarotableware.com 

Combine this set with either our Ballet OB or the Matcha collection.

You can see from the last photo a picture of Sunstone and Matcha combined. 

This set is made to order and currently ordering for Spring 2022.

Care instructions: 

This collection is not dishwasher safe and hand wash only due to the hand-painted gold rim. When you store away try not to slide other objects / plates over it as this can cause damage. Pieces decorated with gold or platinum should never be used in the microwave.


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