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28 piece gold cutlery gift set


This stunning fine 28 piece gold cutlery gift box set really is a showstopper.

Made by WMF in Germany and supplied to hotels and catering companies globally. This  is why Hostaro Tableware has chosen this gold cutlery set for our customers. So we can stand over this gift set and be proud to sell it.

The materials used are 18/10 cutlery pieces which they then coat with PVD. 

We're also proud to say that WMF give a 12 months guarantee on their products . The warranty of course would exclude any normal wear and tear, miss-use / abuse of the products. 


The set comes with:

4 x Table Knives

4 x Table Forks

4 x Starter / Dessert Knives

4 x Starter / Dessert Forks

4 x Dessert Spoons

4 x Soup Spoons

4 x Teaspoons


It comes in Hostaro Tableware packaging box with a suede interior 

Care instructions: 

These pieces are dishwasher proof. If you are using the dishwasher, put them in water with a touch of washing up liquid to get rid of any acidic food whilst you are enjoying your meal. When you are loading the dishwasher try to keep knives together, forks together etc so they don't scratch each other. Do not machine polish.  When cleaning by hand, do not use any abrasive materials as they will scratch the surface. All pieces standing upward in the basket to guarantee an optimized cleaning and drying. Fingerprints will be left on the surface after use. To remove these, simply use a polishing cloth or rinse with hot water and rub dry with a kitchen towel or cloth.


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