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Constellation Cotton Sateen Tablecloth


This Italian stunning tablecloth sky map drawn by the Greeks. The colours used are white grey and really adds theatre to your table and really perfects your tablescape. 

There are very limited quantities left of this stunning masterpiece.  The legend tells that Cassiopeia, Queen of Ethiopia, proud of her daughter beauty, Andromeda, pretended that the princess was more beautiful that the Nereids. Poseidon’s daughter wanted a revenge and sent a monster to destroy the country. At the end, the poor Andromeda is given as a sacrifice for the monster to stop the storm. The end is close until, the Greek hero Perseus, ridding Pegasus, delivered Andromeda from the monster and fall in love with her. Cassiopeia stays as a symbol of the mother love, who has her constellation beside Andromeda’s and Perseus’s constellation to be sure the family never break again.


Cotton sateen tablecloth, 240g/m², anti-stain treatment


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