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Lush Forest Service Charger Plate 32cm Hostaro Tableware
Lush Forest Dinnerware Hostaro Tableware
Lush Forest Dessert Plate Hostaro Tableware
Lush Forest Past Plate 24cm Hostaro Tableware
Lush Forest dinnerware Green
Lush Forest Pasta Dish Hostaro Tableware
Hostaro Tableware Soup Dish Lush Forest
Lush Forest dinnerware Green
Lush Forest dinnerware Green

Lush Forest dinnerware Green

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receive Spring 2022

This stunning collections portrays a deep ocean storm. With a cobalt blue colour encompassing a powerful storm in each piece with a gold rim to finish. This collection is available on a select number of pieces. And would be a fabulous match to the Blue Legacy Collection. 

This collection is order to make. Currently taking orders for Spring 2022. 

Care instructions:

Some pieces in this collection are dishwasher safe which is the pasta and soup dish. The charger and dessert plate are hand wash only due to the hand-painted gold rim. When you store away try not to slide other objects / plates over it as this can cause damage. Pieces decorated with gold or platinum should never be used in the microwave.


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