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Moss of the isle gift set

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Luxurious Calming Body Oil and Eye Pillow Gift Set

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This fabulous gift set includes Quiet Body Oil and a Lavender filled Eye Pillow from a wonderful Irish company called MOSS OF THE ISLES. 

Quiet Body Oil - this luxurious skin nourishing body oil with stress relieving properties, promoting a feeling of peace and reflection.

A calming synergy blend of Myrtle, Lavender Fine, Bergamot and warming Cardamom in a nourishing base of Organic Apricot and Sweet Almond, infused with English Marigold flowers. 

Lavender filled Eye Pillow - This handmade natural cotton eye pillow soothes the eyes, calms and rests the mind, and promotes a sense of peace and quiet reflection.  

This would act as a wonderful wellness gift / self care gift.  

How to Use:

Quiet body oil: Place gently over your eyes when you are ready to sleep. It can also be used during or after Yoga practice to deepen self-connection and meditation. Use together with Quiet Body Oil to enhance deep rest and relaxation. Can also be cooled in the fridge for a soothing remedy to tired eyes and ease screen eyes.

Eye Pillow: Enjoy after an evening bath or shower. Apply all over the body on slightly wet skin to promote a most restful night’s sleep