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Matcha Green dinnerware


This beautiful collection is named after the Japanese powder made from green tea leaves, symbolising hope and optimism. The idea is to guarantee uplifting and memorable moments around the table. With a soft green in colour and a luxurious gold rim to finish off. It doesn't come as a full dinner service collection, it's a collection of selected plates and platters. The image above is matching with the sun stone collection. But can be matched with so many other collections. 

This collection is order to make. Currently taking orders for Spring 2022. 

Care instructions: 

This collection is dishwasher safe. However, as there are several aspects that influence the dishwasher safety we recommend to hand wash due to the hand painted gold rim.  Pieces decorated with gold or platinum should never be used in the microwave.


Free delivery to Ireland and Northern Ireland

€16 to deliver to the UK.