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Rapid Cool Decanter


This is something we are very excited about. This innovative and elegant decanter is like no other. It is an elegant decanter that cools wine in just 5 minutes. 

The special decanter cools white wine from room temperature (about 20 degrees) to about 8 degrees in just 5 minutes. Already chilled wine is kept at temperature much longer than conventional coolers. In addition to white wine, many other drinks can also be cooled with Rapid Cool: water, juice, spritzer, lemonade, iced tea, etc.

The use is simple: put the Rapid Cool cooler in the freezer for several hours, remove the frosted cooler if necessary, pour in the drink to be cooled, wait a few minutes and serve the chilled drink.

This is perfect for spontaneous visitors when you don't have chilled wine ready and of course for yourself!

This would make a wonderful gift. 

Capacity 0.375 l