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Lacroix Teapot

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Teapot Hostaro Tableware

Teapot by Christian Lacroix

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This beautiful teapot is part of Christian Lacroix's Collection Herbariae and made by Vista Alegre, Portugal.  Christian the celebrated French designer designed the stunning Herbariae dinnerware range which is used in this collection. The subtle lines of Herbariae were inspired by five flowers: the poppy, the narcissus, the lotus, the dahlia, and the thistle. Chosen for the power of their evocative but delicate beauty, they adorn each piece of this collection.

There is a full collection you can match this set with, allowing you to build and grow your collection over time. 


Height: 158 mm
Width: 159 mm
Length: 258 mm


Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for microwaves.