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Adamastor Starter / dessert Plates set of 6

€114,00 €228,00

This stunning collections portrays a deep ocean storm. With a cobalt blue colour encompassing a powerful storm in each piece with a gold rim to finish.

These Starter / Dessert Plates can be combined with your existing crockery to elevate your current collection. Or if your purchasing a new set, they'd go great with: 

16 piece Blue Dinner set | Blue Legacy | Hostaro Tableware

16 piece dinner set white with gold rim | Dinnerware | Hostaro Tableware

Infinity Gold Dinner set | Dinnerware | Hostaro Tableware

Pair them with their matching Charger plates: Hostaro Tableware - Adamastor Blue Charger Plates Collection

Care instructions: 

This collection is dishwasher safe. However, as there are several aspects that influence the dishwasher safety we recommend to hand wash due to the hand painted gold rim.  Pieces decorated with gold or platinum should never be used in the microwave.


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