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Blue french linen napkins

Dark Green French Linen Napkin Hostaro Tableware
Dark Green French Linen Napkin Hostaro Tableware

French linen napkin (pack of 6) Dark Green

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This stunning French linen napkin set from Alexandre Turpault is crisp, clean and beautifully hand stitched. It is the finishing touch to any table setting. It comes in a pack of 6. The other beautiful thing about this product is, is that it gets better with age and each wash. We consider these as an investment piece, which will last for years with the right care. 

Size of each napkin is: 45x45cm

Other colours are available to order which would take approximately 2-3 weeks. 


comes in a 6 pack in clear plastic pocket. 

Care instructions:

Wash at 40 degrees. 


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