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Goddess Wax Candle

€12,00 €22,00

This beautiful Irish made luxurious candle makes an incredible gift. This candle is created and named, Persephone, goddess and queen of the underworld. Her ethereal beauty made her one of the most desired women on Mount Olympus. This midsized candle reminds us daily that all bodies are beautiful. 

Colour: Pearl with gold leaf gilding. 

  • Hand-poured in Kildare.
  • Made from 100% Irish rapeseed wax and an organic cotton wick. 
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Consciously crafted by hand in county Kildare. 
  • Dimensions: H9.5 X L5 X W45 cm 

Candle Care: Please ensure that if you choose to burn your candle, you trim the wick to ensure a clean burn. We recommend a wick length of 1.5cm. 

Please note: As all of their products are hand-poured, you may notice slight imperfections as a result of the creation process. This means that your candle is completely unique to you.


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