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Lush Forest Green Charger plates set of 4

€240,00 €480,00

This stunning collections portrays a deep ocean storm. With a cobalt blue colour encompassing a powerful storm in each piece with a gold rim to finish. This collection is available on a select number of pieces. And would be a fabulous match to the Blue Legacy Collection. 

These Charger Plates can be combined with your existing crockery to elevate your current collection. Or if your purchasing a new set, they'd go great with: 

16 piece dinner set white with gold rim | Dinnerware | Hostaro Tableware

Infinity Gold Dinner set | Dinnerware | Hostaro Tableware

Pair them with their matching Starter / Dessert plates: Hostaro Tableware - Lush Forest Green Starter / Dessert Plates set of 4

Care instructions:

Some pieces in this collection are dishwasher safe which is the pasta and soup dish. The charger and dessert plate are hand wash only due to the hand-painted gold rim. When you store away try not to slide other objects / plates over it as this can cause damage. Pieces decorated with gold or platinum should never be used in the microwave.


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