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Seven ways how to place cutlery after dinner

Dining in restaurants and at home is thankfully back, I'm delighted to say. I thought it would be fun to show you different ways on how leave your knife and fork during your meal. 

Some ways are really a really nice touch to add and it would be nice to show your appreciation to your host / server. 

Using a one course setting, we start off with your knife and fork at each side of the plate showing that you are ready to start. 

Hostaro Tableware table setting start

If you're like me I talk a lot and pause during my meal. This way shows your host or server that you are still eating. 


Hostaro Tableware Table setting pause

The next photo shows how you can tell your host or server that you are ready for your next course. 


Hostaro Tableware Table setting ready for next course

This is my favourite way showing your appreciation to your host or server that you were very happy with your meal. 

Hostaro Tableware Table setting excellent

 And of course the universal way of saying that you are finished,

Hostaro Tableware Table setting finished

I found these two ways recently that you can use if you're not happy with your food of service. It's handy if you don't want to bring too much attention to the issue. 

The image below is if you're not happy with your service.

Hostaro Tableware Table setting not happy

 And the final image below is if you're not happy with your food. 

Hostaro Tableware Table setting didn't like the food

So, next time you're out for dinner or dining in your family or friend's home try out a couple of these ways, and see if they recognize what message you wanted to say. 



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