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What is tablescaping or a tablesape?

What is tablescaping or a tablesape?

To some, tablescaping or tablescapes is a relatively new term and to others it has been known for nearly 20 years.  According to Wikipedia tablescaping is a portmanteau (a blend of two words) of table and landscaping, created by television chef Sandra Lee in 2003.

Tablescaping concept has been around forever though, we have just been used to using the term table setting. And tablescaping means so much more. It is a an artful, creative, and decorative way in dressing and styling a table for a meal or an event by using a theme to style around it.

From my passion of organising events, styling photoshoots and a love to entertain came the idea of Hostaro Tableware. The idea was to curate stunning tableware from around Ireland and Europe, that would be hard to find anywhere else. And style beautiful tablescapes, allowing customers to re create these looks in their own homes. Or allow them to add what they wanted into their shopping basket. And for some clients I create bespoke tablescapes.

Who can style a tablescape? Anyone can! You can get nice ideas and inspiration online either through Hostaro Tableware, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Here are 5 tips on how to design and style your perfect tablescape.

  1. Pick your theme.

This is important as it will define your whole style of the table. This could be the colour, an occasion, casual or formal. So many ideas for themes.

Hostaro Tableware Tablescape 

  1. Tableware

Choose your tableware to compliment your theme. For example, try not to use colours that won’t work with your theme.

Hostaro Tableware Image of a napkin on a plate

  1. Layer and textures

Building layers and textures on your table with a beautiful tablecloth, napkins, placemat, or charger plate. Layer up your dinnerware at the start of the evening to add depth to the table. 

Hostaro Tableware image of table linen

  1. Flowers

Flowers are a must for every tablescape. I love to get creative down the centre of the table and build some theatre around it. Either use a large floral centrepiece in the middle and not too high that it would obstruct your guests from seeing each other or use small vases down the centre with flowers. And finally add a small sprig of flowers to each place setting for that added touch. It could be lavender, small flowers or a bit of greenery. 

Hostaro Tableware floral centerpiece

  1. Décor

These are your finishing touches and are the pièce de résistance. Add tall, tapered candles and tea lights to the centre of your table, allow the different heights to give that layered and elevated effect. Add other tabletop decorations or ornaments to the table, even real fruit or vegetables like lemons can really help a table pop! Depending on the theme you could have a lot of fun around it. 


Hostaro Tableware table setting with decor

What will your beautifully styled tablescape do for your guests? From the get-go, your night will be a hit. You will have instantly made such an effort and your guests will feel so special and impressed by your efforts. You will wow them and set everyone in great form with great expectations for the night. You will also be in control as you will be well planned.

If you have an event coming up and you’d like some ideas or suggestions you can get in touch directly samantha@hostarotableware.com



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