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Tips to create your own Valentine's Tablescape

Tips to create your own Valentine's Tablescape

Valentine's weekend is approaching whether you want to celebrate it over the weekend or on the day itself, it's your choice. Do what works for you! This year, I'll be celebrating it over the weekend as we will have more time to enjoy it and spend time together. Every year we spend Valentine's at home with a nice meal and wine, so we can relax and not feel rushed. 

Here are some tips to create a romantic table setting for two with some of Hostaro's pieces and also some ideas you can pick up at home and in your local store. 

To start off, dress your table with either a tablecloth or runner like our Toile de jouy red cotton tablecloth . Dressing your table with table linen will begin to transform your table and the room to an occasion. It gives you something more to work with. Our Toile de jouy is perfect for use all year round. You can play on the use of the reds or pinks with this fabulous piece. 

Add matching napkins from our Toile de Jouy collection. They're easy to maintain and always look so lovely either with its matching tablecloth or without. If you have red, pink or wine ribbon at home you could make a bow to add another layer to your table making it extra special. 


I always put a placemat or charger plate for under the plate. It firstly positions the table setting and elevates and adds another layer to your setting. I've chosen these gold floral placemats for my Valentine's tablescape. 


I'm a big fan of stemware, especially for Valentine's, I'll be going all out with my stemware. To add a soft pop of colour to your table, add these beautiful Pink Goblet Glasses to your table as ether your wine glasses or water glasses. 

pink water goblets 

Ambiance is key for any occasion, and for Valentine's it's an essential! Setting the lighting will set the ambiance and tone for the evening. I recommend using different height candles to add depth and a different dimension to the table, the lighting will be maximised too. For my Valentine's I'll be using our gold candle stick holders with pink tapered candles and also the taller candle stick holders to give different heights - the look I'm aiming for. 


gold candle sticks

The finishing touches are what really finishes off your tablescape. Pick beautiful flowers to go with your tablescape. If you are working with pinks and red. You could go for either of these beautiful bouquets of flowers. The first bouquet is from Annie Bloom and the 2nd is from Paper Rock Flower, both fabulous and based in Dublin. 

Annie Bloom bouquet of flowersPaper Rock Flower bouquet

I also like to have fun and add a rose to each of the table settings. 

red rose on a plate

You could also add strawberries to a little dish for a pop of colour and even dip them in melted chocolate to add that special touch.

chocolate strawberries

Finally, if you are looking to make your Valentine's easy and want to take away the stress in getting your table ready for Valentine's I have created a Valentine's setting for two 

Valentine's tabelscape for two people


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